Sonder Payments Testimonials

“Sonder Payments is so easy to use and absolutely will save you money. I don’t accept cards all that often, but when I do, Sonder Payments is much less costly than the 3% my previous provider was charging me.”

“Sonder Payments was the most transparent pricing structure that we could find. After I applied, their solutions architects actually help me choose my point of sale and assisted with integrations. Paying a fixed rate and being able to forget about reviewing my statements every month is worth every penny.”

“Steelhouse is first self-serve platform to launch retargeting, prospecting, and branding campaigns through every channel including Connected TV. Our technology supports the largest global brands, and that comes at a very high monthly fee. We accept all payments through credit card even if they’re million dollar tickets. Sonder Payments is the clear choice provider for companies like mine. We pay true cost and a small fixed per transaction – along with the invoicing and reporting capabilities I highly recommend Sonder Payments for SaaS platforms.”

“I have researched many many merchant service providers. Sonder’s fee structure is among the simplest and most straightforward I’ve seen, and it’s saving us hundreds of dollars a month. Support is responsive and helpful.”

“We don’t switch our payments often and were pleased with our current provider, but the modern payment technologies that Sonder offers peaked my interest. We have recurring billing setup with all of our customers, and that revenue is our life blood. I did not want to mess with that! Sonder Payments was able to take the setup we had in place and easily transfer out our backend to their technology. Our process is the exact same, but now I keep more of my revenue and have better tools to do so.”

“We have used dozens of different credit card processors over the last 12 years. Switching from one to another was always a headache between the paperwork, the downtime, and all the hoops we needed to jump through. We just switched to Sonder Payments and we couldn’t be happier. For the first time in fifteen years, we know what our bill is going to be at the end of the month! For a while, we thought we had the lowest rates in the entire industry, but we were pleased to find that we were wrong. If you like keeping the money you earn, you would be foolish not to look into Sonder Payments.”

Macgregor Donaldson

“Sonder’s ability to provide a quality product at a fraction of my previous cost was a huge reason for me to switch. My rep, James, was always quick to get back to me and was instrumental in making sure I was up and running as quickly as possible. The bottom line was I was able to offer a higher quality transaction experience to my customers at a fraction of the price — I saved about $30.00 on my very first transaction with Sonder Payments!”