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What is a Payment Gateway?

Gateways are an important piece of the processing puzzle, but what exactly do they do?

What are ACH Payments?

Sonder Payments is not just a credit card processor. We are specialists in all payment methods. While credit card processing is what we’re known for, we also offer e-invoicing, ACH, and other payment methods. In this article, we’ll discuss ACH payment, what they are, and how you can accept them using your Sonder Payments membership. […]

What Does It Mean to Be PCI Compliant?

PCI Compliance is a fairly common point of discussion in the payments industry — but what does it take to be compliant?

A Guide to the Sonder Payments Merchant Application

The Sonder Payments application might seem complicated, but completing it is simpler than you might think. Utilize this simple guide to get through it!

What is True Cost?

What do we mean by “true cost” and how is it different from “cost”?

What is a Chargeback?

Chargebacks are a reality for all businesses, but many of them can be avoided. Learn how here.

What are the Benefits of Sonder Payments Membership?

Sonder Payments is a membership-based payment processor. So what exactly does it mean to be a member?

What is Underwriting?

Learn more about what happens after you submit your Sonder Payments application.

Why Does Sonder Payments Charge a Monthly Membership Fee?

Learn more about why Sonder Payments operates on a membership basis, and what benefits it can bring to your business.

What Should I Submit With My Sonder Payments Application?

If you want your Sonder Payments application to be approved fast, be sure to include these documents when you submit your application.

Frequently Asked Questions: Transaction Express

Get answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about our Transaction Express online terminal.

Frequently Asked Questions: Virtual Terminal Plus

Get answers to some of the most common questions we get about our Virtual Terminal Plus service.

How Is Payment Processing Priced?

Take a look at each of the major pricing methods for credit card processing, including how Sonder Payments’ membership model works.

Why Should I Accept Cards?

Accepting credit cards can get expensive, so why even bother?

What is Interchange?

If you want the most basic definition of interchange, this is it: interchange is the cost of completing a credit card transaction.

How Do Payments Work?

There are five key players in every credit card transaction. Becoming familiar with each, and being conscious of the roles they play, will aid in your understanding of how credit card payments work.