About Us

It’s easy for any company to say they have a great culture, but all it takes is talking to people who work there to know if that’s really true. At Sonder Payments, we’ve built a culture based on quality, trust, ambition, and accountability -- but most importantly we really like working here.

We’re a group of people who naturally want to do more, own more, and make an impact in their careers - just like the merchants that we support daily. Here you can see some members of the Sonder Payments team supporting economic development in St. Louis and the nation at large.

We are dedicated to transparency, starting with our flat-rate processing. No merchant should be surprised by their monthly processing statement -- we want you to know what you’ll pay. And we want you to know when you’ll be paid, too. That’s why we deliver deposits faster than any other provider in the industry.

We know that accepting card payments can be confusing sometimes, so we pair each merchant with a dedicated Solutions Architect, ensuring that you’ll have someone on your side when you feel lost.

Most of all, we hope to offer merchants peace of mind. Any business owner can have confidence in a partnership with Sonder Payments -- our backend technologies process over 40 billion transactions annually.

At Sonder Payments, we believe that everyone should be given the tools needed to participate in the economy. We want businesses of all sizes, from the one-man show to the multinational corporation, to thrive and make each other better.

Unfortunately, the traditional payments industry has blocked some businesses out due to high prices and overly complex technology. Sonder Payments was created to eliminate the barriers that exist between merchants and their payments providers.